Greetings From Reunion Island! A Fellow Traveler’s Journey Photo Post

A fellow Instagram follower offer to contribute some amazing photos of his recent trip to Reunion Island. For those who are not familiar with the country, it is located east of Madagascar off the southern eastern seaboard coast of Africa. Predominately, french-speaking, Reunion is one of France’s overseas department. It is a mainly a tropical island and home of a variety of birds and the Bourbon roses.

I’m a South African who loves to travel. I travel for both business and leisure. Professionally, I’m an IT manager at Statistics South Africa and studied Economics at the local university. I love travelling for the “Awe Therapy” that comes from experiencing a new place/culture/people and the best part about any trip is always the memories that one takes with. I also love how going far, far from home makes [Read More…]

JetSet Style: Teotihuacan, Mexico

Teotihuacan, Mexico

This week’s style is influenced by the inspiring archaeologist and her pursue to discover the ruins of Ancient Mexico. Keeping in touch with the colors and patterns of Azteca origins, the outfit is neutral while the sandals are decorated with bursts of bright colors. The accessories are kept to match the distinct cultural pattern!

I NEED IT!: Umbrella

I NEED IT!: Umbrella

It has been such a wet week here in South Florida, hopefully the sun will make it back this weekend. Time to pull out the umbrella gear! In this week’s segment “I NEED IT!”, I have curated the steals to splurge rendition of umbrellas. Some of them are unisex styles so chicks and dudes can sport them! My personal favorite of course is the Uncommon Goods’ Red Heart umbrella, of course 🙂

How To Prepare For Your Hiking Adventure

Hiking PathWhile traveling through a road trip back down to Florida from Georgia many years ago, I had often wonder what would be like to follow the less beaten path and hike through a trail. Being a self-proclaim outdoor girl, the rhythms of nature sounds appealing; taking in the air and being amidst the greenery for the unbelievable natural views is better than staring at paperwork and knowing I have a deadline to meet.

We have hiking trails here in South Florida; most of them are located alongside a beach or a waterfront. But with the heat and the mosquitoes, I get a little discouraged from time to time. I guess my desire for a change in scenery is kicking into overdrive [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Headphones


This is the second post of its series starting with the most common devices used by most travelers! Headphones- everyone needs them to drown out noises. Whether if its snores from gramps or the crying baby in the airplane aisle next to you! I curated this set by gender and cost. Starting from the left are the steals as it transitions to the splurges. Leave the ear buds at home and look extra awesome with these on! There, you look fabulous already 😉

Overnight Layover: How to Survive It & Look Cool Doing It

Now, I know you are probably asking yourself “Why would anyone want to sleep at the airport during an overnight layover?” But before you turn yourself away from this post, I suggest that you read the tips and tricks before you buy that $100+ hotel room for a night.

Sleep in the airport!
Hey there! Sleep here often?
Many people would opt to fly in cheap and who wouldn’t mind saving money on that, right? But, with cheap flights mean you might have to contend with long layovers, especially overnight hours.

This predisposes the average traveler to spend money on a hotel room for the comfort which at times can be understandable. But since this is a budget-friendly blog, I share another suggestion that involves the shameless act of sleeping at the ‘port and the essentials you need to get through [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Camera Bags


Splurges vs. Steals: Travel with your camera in style. Great for protecting your prized possession and its accessories like an extra lens, charger, lens wipes, straps and so much more! I wanted to create and curate selected styles of traveling cases and accessories to inspire you. This is the first post of its series starting with the most common devices used by most travelers!

Getting the best out of London in 6 Days! Part Three

Here is part III to my personal experiences in London. I had six days and I share my account on how I was able to save money here and there through extensive research and planning. I hope this inspires you to make a visit to the historical city and venture outside the hotel room!

Day Four

Next morning had arrived and we were excited to finally venture out in London on our own without any assistance from tours. The plan was to visit the historic Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. To get to Surrey [Read More…]

Visiting Hawaii on a Budget- A cheaper lodging option!

Who doesn’t love the presence of Hawaii- palm trees swaying in the Pacific wind, the hula moving you to roll the hips to the sound of the Polynesian drums, and the sweet smell of coconuts and pineapples wafting in the air as the cerulean ocean wave crash and bubbles against the smooth sand…Ah!

Besides the high price of staying at local resorts and hotels and state taxes, Hawaii shouldn’t turn you off from visiting the U.S. state. There is an alternative! Below I break it down [ Read More…]