Don’t do That! What you shouldn’t do when visiting abroad

Save yourself the embarrassment! Here are some common gestures and customs around the world that may actually mean something entirely different from country to country!

If it is your first-time visiting an international country, I recommend getting to know a few phrases in the native language and learning a little bit [Read More…]

FitBit Travels: Trek your Way to Rewards

When I was in London, I walked a lot – about close to 10K steps a day! Back then I wish I had my Fitbit knowing what I know now. I have research great websites and programs to join as a FitBit owner to earn rewards like cash. Sounds interesting? Read on:

I got my Fitbit Flex as a Christmas present back in 2014. I wanted it because I was on the fitness high and felt it would be really neat to use a device that can track my steps including my sleep activity and food intake. After getting some use from the device, I’ll admit I would forget to put it on or recharge it. I probably needed a little motivation to utilize it in a way where I can earn points or rewards [Read More…]

Safeguard your Home before you Go!

Even if you already have a home security system, you can still apply some basic necessary precautions to safeguard your home. This post may contain affiliate links.

Safeguard your home while you vacationIn a society where safety is valued, it is no wonder the feeling of security while you’re traveling is doubly important. Because of this, I’m pretty confident to say that you would want your home secured as well while you’re away sipping on an exotic drink under a palm tree.

The last thing you would want to do is leave this plan I outlined below at the last minute; especially, if you are frantically shoving a few more items in your suitcase when you should have been out the door an hour ago. Follow my simple steps to keep you relaxed the week before [Read More…]