Travel while Saving the Planet! Info for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

Maybe you heard of the phrases “eco-friendly” or “eco-tourism” and in case you are not familiar with such terms, allow me to introduce you to this awesome infographic courtesy of Zerve. Traveling eco style can be considered an alternative way to travel while being mindful of the planet’s health and future.

Many hotels have adopted simple ways some I’m sure you have noticed. One example is limiting the use of excess washing of bath towels. You can take steps to ensure that your travels make a positive impact on the environment. Enjoy!


More Life Hacks For the Modern Traveler

Who doesn’t love to learn more tricks on how to maximize space in your carry-on? What about using technology and new apps to keep you in tip-top shape to ensure your travel documentation is accounted for?

This handy infographic is brought to you by Direct Holiday Cottages and colorfully outlines life hacks to inspire the savviest modern traveler.

My favorite tip is placing a dryer sheet as you pack your clean clothes to keep it smelling fresh. I have done this before and it seems to have reduce wrinkles and static on some my pressed shirts! Which one is yours? Post in the comments!

More Life Hacks for the Modern Traveler

Amazing Deal! $142/night Hotel Copenhagen Strand in Lovely Denmark

Hotel Copenhagen Strand

Known for its lively culture and progressive culinary scene, Copenhagen is a city that may rival its European counterparts. Originally a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and at the turn of the century, it has become one of Europe’s fastest progressive city to visit. So to aid in your accommodation choice, today’s deal comes from the folks at the Hotel Copenhagen Strand which is in the heart of all that is happening.

This modern hotel sits on a lovely harbor amidst a graceful collection of boutiques and cafes. The hotel had its humble beginnings as a warehouse and has now transformed into a laid-back establishment. Copenhagen’s shopping center called Strøget is steps away from the hotel’s front door and it’s where you can enjoy scenic views of the canal. Annual average high temperature is 53/11.

Start you day enjoy a fresh and delicious meal at the breakfast room, leave for sightseeing adventures and then return to kick back in your comfortable guest room:

• Normally priced at $245, today’s deal is $142/night (on sale now- up to 42%)
4/5 star rating on TripAdvisor
• Splendid Harbor-front hotel in the heart of Copenhagen
• Each room is dressed simple and traditional with clean white walls and accented with soft blue and yellow colors
• Free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi available
• Complimentary fresh Danish pastries available at the reception area
• Hop on the canal boat tour for some more views of the city
• Take the metro or rent a bike to participate in more local sightseeing

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Amazing Deal! $84/night at Riad Emberiza Sahari in the exotic beauty of Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Emberiza Sahari in Morroco

Ah, Morocco… What is not to love about the mysterious beauty nestled in the amber colors of the desert? Located in the northwestern region of Africa, Morocco’s bustling capital is called Marrakech.

Here you will find colorful palaces, gardens, mosques, and markets. Because of its location near the Mediterranean, the country’s temperature is comparable to Southern California. The average annual high temperature is 84.2/29 (°F/°C).

This deal comes from the brilliant hotel Riad Emberiza Sahari in Marrakech. This hotel boasts an elegant architecture of traditional Moroccan design and motifs. Each guest room is embellished and attention to detail is taken very seriously.

The best resting grounds after a long day of excursions through the Atlas Mountains or camel back riding through the Sahara- all planned by the hotel should you wish. Make room for a little shopping at the plentiful markets that are within walking distance!

Let’s see what this lovely desert gem has to offer:

• Normally priced at $136, today’s deal is $84/night (on sale now- up to 38%)
5/5 star rating on TripAdvisor
• Intimate villa-style complete with a garden terrace, lounge and pool
• Plush and luxurious bedding- each room uniquely decorated
• Wi-Fi available in common areas, but not in guest rooms
• Massage, Yoga and Meditation services readily available
• Hotel library- should you need to get away and curl up with a book 🙂
• Hotel’s central location ensures that you are within steps to authentic Moroccan restaurants and the local souks

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The Behavior of Today’s Tech-Based Travel Aficionado

Today we look at statistics and the behaviors of the techie traveler! What exactly is a tech traveler, you ask? A techie traveler is the modern globe-trotter who relies on technology via electronics to assist and document their awesome adventures. This infographic created by Lab 42 provides the hardcore statistics and analysis of the typical techie traveler from the start of the trip to post-vacation mode. Do you consider yourself one?

Techie Traveler

Mindfulness: How to Travel Full of Style & Zen

Travel with Style and Zen

Mindfulness is about peacefully observing yourself without the interruption of criticism. When you are aware of yourself, you can readily observe any negative thoughts. This allows you to deal with the effects giving you full control of your well-being.

Historically, mindfulness originated from the ancient meditation practices in Buddhism. In the 1970s, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, founded the Stress Reduction Clinic using a modern take on mindfulness.

Presently, mindfulness and its research have made great strides in modern medicine and have been recognized as a complement to primary [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets! Travel with these Fun and Cheap Handy tools

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets

In this week’s I NEED IT! I selected six uncommon traveling gadgets that are portable and are handy for any given moment amidst your travels. All for under USD $50, these gadgets can double as stocking stuffers for your favorite adventurer because why not? Christmas IS around the corner 😉 :

1. Mini Plier Tool ($12) Nifty tool that can be used in many ways. Besides the obvious pliers capability, it quadruples as a screwdriver, a steel file, wire cutter, and a knife. Pack this in checked luggage though, can’t afford to have this dump by security in carry-on clearance. Great for the fixers in the fam!

2. Mini Sewing Kit ($7) Ever lose a button on a shirt? Well, with this kit you won’t have to worry about that because it comes complete with thread of all colors, needles, and scissors to get you stitch up! This little handy case is great to have to stow in your checked luggage for quick wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Screwdriver Pen ($25) Another handy tool for the fixers! This one doubles as a pen to jot down traveling notes. This unique pen tool comes with both green and black ink cartilages.

4. Multi-USB High speed charger ($40) Yes, this may work for U.S. standard wall plug-ins, but this device can charge as many as four devices at the same time! Its lightweight and portable design can be stowed in your luggage compartments. Great for charging your phone, your friend’s phone, your iPod, and your dog’s phone (Woof!).

5. Bendy Man Flashlight & Table Stand ($10) This little guy can bend at your will- he will hold your tablet, smart phone, e-readers and doubles as a flashlight or book light for up to 30 hours. Too bad he can’t hold the door for you.

6. Retractable Charging Cable for Apple devices ($24) Never forget your charger again! Stash this in your luggage when you’re on the go to keep your devices in sync and powered. The cable extends to 2 ½ feet for your charging needs.

I NEED IT!: GoPro & Accessories

I NEED IT!: GoPro & Accessories

The first time I have come across a GoPro was earlier this year when my skydiver instructor anchored it to his wrist. I was fascinated by the device that I looked it up and saw countless YouTube videos using this device and thought, “Geez! How long was I living under a rock to not notice this awesome contraption?!”

And so, it has become one of my favorite “I NEED IT” devices of all time and I hoping to manifest this fun toy soon! Here is my collection that I curate on the top accessories I would like to have to assist in my future adventures. Enjoy and by the way let me know in the comments if you have one- I need the deets on which one to get and why.

JetSet Style: Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

This week’s JetSet Style comes all the way from the epic highlands of Scotland! Who wouldn’t want to capture this amazing scenic view of the cliff in Inverness?! Looks like a lot of walking and exploration would be involved so dress accordingly- a comfortable pair of boots and pants that “moves with you”. Paying the Scottish homage, plaids makes its debut in this lovely button down shirt. Burgundy lip and nature-inspired eye shadows, you’re looking good already 😉

#FREEFALLFIRSTFRIDAY HAVASUPAI 2016 // Cliff Jumping in Paradise

Yay!! The second video of #FREEFALLFIRSTFRIDAY is here! Check out these dudes and dudettes cliff jump from one of the beautiful oasis on Earth, Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Check out the awesome views of the fall and its amazing vivid blue water. Sweet! Enjoy 🙂

Would you do this? I would. Leave your answer in the comments!