More Life Hacks For the Modern Traveler

Who doesn’t love to learn more tricks on how to maximize space in your carry-on? What about using technology and new apps to keep you in tip-top shape to ensure your travel documentation is accounted for?

This handy infographic is brought to you by Direct Holiday Cottages and colorfully outlines life hacks to inspire the savviest modern traveler.

My favorite tip is placing a dryer sheet as you pack your clean clothes to keep it smelling fresh. I have done this before and it seems to have reduce wrinkles and static on some my pressed shirts! Which one is yours? Post in the comments!

More Life Hacks for the Modern Traveler

10 Adventure Hacks! More Smart Ways to Save Money as You Travel

10 Adventures Hacks to save you money

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Why Culture Shock is Good For You

From my personal experience, one of the rewarding things about visiting a different country is observing the cultural differences against what I’m used to. It gives me a sense of appreciation and I experienced the most enlightening account from when I spent time in Egypt.

I was on my way back to Cairo from Aswan via the overnight train when the train came to a sudden halt at seven in the morning. I looked out the window to witness children playing in the dirt when one of them spotted a tattered doll they found. The expressions of joy on their face captured my heart [Read More…]

The Only 8 Travel Toiletries You Need!

Downsize your toiletry tote in your carry-on! These should be the eight products you need in there! Some have multiple uses! As a bonus, I share my favorite travel beauty hack for dudes and dudettes!

Hi, my name is Jasmine.

I used to be a product junkie… Seriously.

I had two separate toiletry bags, cosmetic bag, and a hair product tote for my check-in luggage. I have calm down a lot after committing to a simple lifestyle, but with changes came education about how to best use [Read More…]