When to Buy Your Airline Tickets: Learn the Tricks to Save You Money!

I’m pretty sure you are aware that there are certain days and times for you to make airline booking reservations to get the best deals. But did you know that rates change up to three times a day?! That means even if you book at what you perceive to be an “incredible deal” is most likely a better deal around the corner had you wait. So, how do you take advantage and snag a cheap flight? Read on and refer to infographic below courtesy of the Luggage Factory.

I also recommend checking out Skyscanner in tandem with these tips. I love Skyscanner because the site provides real-time multiple airlines rates from anywhere in the world allowing you to book cheaper flights easily. Skyscanner is available as an app for both iOs and Android devices. The app is user-friendly and makes booking a breeze!

What was the cheapest flight deal you snagged? Post in the comment section! I wanna know 🙂

Must Have Apps! For the Photographer, Foodist, Health Nut and Techie Traveler!

Hey everyone, so I got a bit of something for every type of traveler- more Travel Apps! Some are free while others come with a price tag but all are equally helpful in your travel adventures. I made a post a while back on the top five travel apps every savvy traveler needs which outlines the most helpful apps available on both devices. You should probably check that out too!

In this infographic as presented by UK’s Dealchecker.co, it offers creative mobile app choices and is targeted to your interests. For example, I am more of a foodist and a money saver so the Food and Dining section app suggestion on the Tipulator is the Sugar Honey Ice Tea!

Feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions on what has worked for you. I want to know!


Air Travel Health Hacks: Feel Like Yourself After Flying

About a month ago, I posted about taking some necessary travel health precautions before embarking on your trip. This vivid infographic as produced by Fix.com does a great job detailing possible health risks that can happen to you while traveling on board a flight. The cool thing is how it breaks down the potential health risk as compared from a short or long-flight duration.

Fortunately, I have never succumb to “bugs” while traveling but that may be due to a combination of Vitamins B & C as well as Echinacea and garlic oil preventative intakes. In addition, to washing my hands and disinfecting my eating space. Thank God for portable disinfecting wipes 😀

My favorite part about this infographic is the “Eat This” sub-section. I do believe being conscious of what you consume plays a pivotal role in how you feel during your sky journey. Choose wisely and your health can be in an optimal status without having to ruining your vacation.


Overnight Layover: How to Survive It & Look Cool Doing It

Now, I know you are probably asking yourself “Why would anyone want to sleep at the airport during an overnight layover?” But before you turn yourself away from this post, I suggest that you read the tips and tricks before you buy that $100+ hotel room for a night.

Sleep in the airport!
Hey there! Sleep here often?
Many people would opt to fly in cheap and who wouldn’t mind saving money on that, right? But, with cheap flights mean you might have to contend with long layovers, especially overnight hours.

This predisposes the average traveler to spend money on a hotel room for the comfort which at times can be understandable. But since this is a budget-friendly blog, I share another suggestion that involves the shameless act of sleeping at the ‘port and the essentials you need to get through [Read More…]