How To Save Money For Your Next Vacation

savemoney001It’s a new year and new resolutions to travel more, but before we start dreaming of the next locales, let’s look at some practical money advice. In this post, I answer some common money questions on how you can save for that next getaway.

How do I know if I have enough money saved for vacation?

The old-fashioned rule of thumb was to save a week’s worth of salary for one annual vacation [Read More…]

50 Ways to Make & Add Money toward Your Travel Fund

makeextramoney1How many times have you thought “Man, I wish I could travel…if I had the MONNNEY!”

We all been there so how about doing something about it! I have a separate money jar for my traveling funds. I found my jar on clearance for less than $5 USD at TJ Maxx in the kitchen section. Budget Baller. To be more specific and serious 🙂 , my jar houses my spending change so I can use it on hand while wandering abroad.

So how can you start and build on making extra money to fill up your own travel fund jar? Easy! Look for creative ways to make money without having to do much. Maximize your earning potential by combining multiple streams of income and you too will qualify as a Budget Baller [Read More…]

5 Free Travel Apps: Awesome Money-saving Deals, A Useful Trip Organizer, & more

Here are five practical and free apps for the saavy traveler! Plus, all of these apps are compatible on Android and iOs devices- don’t worry I checked! [Read More…]