Site Updates, Incentives & Perks!

Hey everyone!

siteupdatesSo I wanted to share some of the updates and happenings that has took place over the two weeks on additions. These include fun and free stuff for the readers and subscribers alike. On the image to the right, I numbered which added segments I am referring to and provided the following breakdown for each:

1. E-Newsletter subscription: I plan to send e-mails to subscribers on a monthly basis. The e-newsletter official name is called ThatWomanFromNY Tokens and when you first subscribe I will send you a welcoming letter. From an outgoing basis, the subscriber will receive an e-mail on the first week of each month. In each e-newsletter, I send you some travel tips to help save you money, upcoming posts, new travel deals, coupons, and sweepstakes entries. Signing up is free and my method is to give you information as straightforward as possible minus the fluff.
2. Social plugs: After creating this massive blog, I totally forgot to include social media links for the readers to find my profiles! I had placed an Instagram widget but I have two other social accounts that were not listed- Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to like and follow them as I post the same material but each one contains the random posts that differ from each other. I maintain them on a daily basis to keep you all informed : ) Also, it’s a great opportunity for me to meet beautiful people from around the world and share collective ideas.

3. Fun Stuff: I wanted to add this awesome section to give you all access to contest entries and special discounts
on cool items. Most of these links are not posted in the e-newsletter; in fact, subscribers get more access to other things. Feel free to enjoy the selected offerings. These will be changed on a monthly basis.

4. Freebies: A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the free printable download that was available to all the readers. Rather than keeping it as a post and eliminating the need to refer back, I decided to make it accessible in this section.I intend to update the download at least on a quarterly basis and will post to inform you all as well. The download will always be in PDF format and as always I intend to keep these free. Please keep me inform on what you thought about the download, I really appreciate any feedback πŸ™‚

Special thanks to everyone who has followed and read my blog on a consistent basis!

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