Be The Best Guest: Ettiquette & Affordable Hostess Gift Ideas

bestguestVisiting a friend in a different city or country and was given the welcome mat to their lovely home? Are you aware of the customary manners as an honorary guest to their home? Let’s go over some respectable tips to make sure your welcome mat stays for a while:

Ask Questions Beforehand.

Before you accept the invite to a host’s home, ask questions that may be crucial to you.

Here are some examples:

  • Where are the nearest restaurants that they recommend?
  • Is it in a gated community and will I need a special access code?
  • Where are the popular areas to hang out?
  • How’s the weather like around this time? Should I bring a swimsuit?
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JetSet Style: New York City, New York USA

New York City

In this week’s JetSet Style, I could have not thought of another city in the world where jet-set meets haute fashion than the Big Apple, New York. In this profile, I kept it minimal, sexy and functional in shades of black and white. A great look to transition from the harsh cold winter into the breezy cool Spring being in the concrete jungle 😉

I NEED IT!: The DIY Spa Traveler’s Essentials

I NEED IT!: Traveling Spa Essentials

In this week’s I NEED IT, I curated essentials to recreate the spa experience directly in your hotel room space. If you have ever been to a major hotel or resort, most accommodations offer spa services such as massages, facials, and mani/pedicures. However, such services can be costly leaving you to spend USD $100+ easily, not to mention the added tipping and possible resort charges.

This compilation features everything from the glowing candle (use extra caution with flames) to a nourishing facial mask to a body massage oil. Its designed to keep you super relax while maintaining your travel budget. What are your go-to essentials to keep your self-care in check? Leave a comment!

I NEED IT!: Messenger Bags for Your Travel Gadgets For Under USD $100!

I NEED IT!: Messenger Bags

In this week’s I NEED IT! I compiled a collection of his and her messenger bags. All of these stylish bags are functional and affordable at less than USD $100. These bags can stow your laptop, tablet, charger, and/or other similar electronics including accessories. This bag can also double as a carry-on bag or a regular daytime bag for any adventure.

JetSet Style: Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

This week’s JetSet Style comes all the way from the epic highlands of Scotland! Who wouldn’t want to capture this amazing scenic view of the cliff in Inverness?! Looks like a lot of walking and exploration would be involved so dress accordingly- a comfortable pair of boots and pants that “moves with you”. Paying the Scottish homage, plaids makes its debut in this lovely button down shirt. Burgundy lip and nature-inspired eye shadows, you’re looking good already 😉

I NEED IT!: Cosmetic cases for your toiletry goods

I NEED IT!: Cosmetic Cases

In this week’s I NEED IT, I have curated an assortment of cosmetic bags for all your toiletry goods. Great for toting TSA-friendly items or your beauty stash. They can double up to be a mini-snack bag too; bet, you didn’t think of that! Available in an assortment of colors and styles, I think it will be very hard to select just one 🙂

I NEED IT!: His & Her Android mobile cases


Last week’s I NEED IT! I unveiled the couple’s IPhone series and as promised I have the Androids! I love this series but it’s so hard to choose which one is my favorite! It’s a toss-up from comic, power and artsy! Let me go ahead and collect them all 🙂 So, which ones were your faves? Post in the comment section!

I NEED IT!: His & Her IPhone mobile cases


In this week’s I NEED IT, I curated the couple series for IPhone mobile cases. Each sets are based on his and her personal styles as reflected by the couple. Are you both into timeless and sophisticated styles, then the “Polished couple” may be fitting. Are you both physically fit or inspire to be? Enjoy having protein shakes on hand? then you are both into “Beast Mode”. If you are an Android fiend, don’t worry I got you too 🙂 Stay tuned for the next I NEED IT!

JetSet Style: Teotihuacan, Mexico

Teotihuacan, Mexico

This week’s style is influenced by the inspiring archaeologist and her pursue to discover the ruins of Ancient Mexico. Keeping in touch with the colors and patterns of Azteca origins, the outfit is neutral while the sandals are decorated with bursts of bright colors. The accessories are kept to match the distinct cultural pattern!

I NEED IT!: Umbrella

I NEED IT!: Umbrella

It has been such a wet week here in South Florida, hopefully the sun will make it back this weekend. Time to pull out the umbrella gear! In this week’s segment “I NEED IT!”, I have curated the steals to splurge rendition of umbrellas. Some of them are unisex styles so chicks and dudes can sport them! My personal favorite of course is the Uncommon Goods’ Red Heart umbrella, of course 🙂