I NEED IT!: The DIY Spa Traveler’s Essentials

I NEED IT!: Traveling Spa Essentials

In this week’s I NEED IT, I curated essentials to recreate the spa experience directly in your hotel room space. If you have ever been to a major hotel or resort, most accommodations offer spa services such as massages, facials, and mani/pedicures. However, such services can be costly leaving you to spend USD $100+ easily, not to mention the added tipping and possible resort charges.

This compilation features everything from the glowing candle (use extra caution with flames) to a nourishing facial mask to a body massage oil. Its designed to keep you super relax while maintaining your travel budget. What are your go-to essentials to keep your self-care in check? Leave a comment!

5 Essentials for the Beach Babe

In this post, I have curated five essential beach items every babe should have!

Who doesn’t love going to the beach these days? The smell of the sandy shores and salted water. All emphasized by the sparkles generated by the sun streaming against the ocean waves. The best part about it is that it doesn’t take much to get dress when all you need are the essentials: [Read More]