Travel while Saving the Planet! Info for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

Maybe you heard of the phrases “eco-friendly” or “eco-tourism” and in case you are not familiar with such terms, allow me to introduce you to this awesome infographic courtesy of Zerve. Traveling eco style can be considered an alternative way to travel while being mindful of the planet’s health and future.

Many hotels have adopted simple ways some I’m sure you have noticed. One example is limiting the use of excess washing of bath towels. You can take steps to ensure that your travels make a positive impact on the environment. Enjoy!


Determined Diva Travels presents My Paris Travel Itinerary for Under $500

Hello everyone! Today I present a great article by fellow blogger, Determined Diva Travels. Be sure to visit her blog, link available below the post!

PARIS- The city of love and lights, the fashion capital and a destination on just about every wanderers bucket list. Paris is known for its luxury, its famous attractions and world-renowned cuisine.

Which makes it safe to assume it’s not fit for a budget traveler right? Well I love a good challenge! So here is an itinerary on how I managed to plan my Paris trip for under $500 including flights.

Let’s begin with the generally largest expense for travel [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets! Travel with these Fun and Cheap Handy tools

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets

In this week’s I NEED IT! I selected six uncommon traveling gadgets that are portable and are handy for any given moment amidst your travels. All for under USD $50, these gadgets can double as stocking stuffers for your favorite adventurer because why not? Christmas IS around the corner 😉 :

1. Mini Plier Tool ($12) Nifty tool that can be used in many ways. Besides the obvious pliers capability, it quadruples as a screwdriver, a steel file, wire cutter, and a knife. Pack this in checked luggage though, can’t afford to have this dump by security in carry-on clearance. Great for the fixers in the fam!

2. Mini Sewing Kit ($7) Ever lose a button on a shirt? Well, with this kit you won’t have to worry about that because it comes complete with thread of all colors, needles, and scissors to get you stitch up! This little handy case is great to have to stow in your checked luggage for quick wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Screwdriver Pen ($25) Another handy tool for the fixers! This one doubles as a pen to jot down traveling notes. This unique pen tool comes with both green and black ink cartilages.

4. Multi-USB High speed charger ($40) Yes, this may work for U.S. standard wall plug-ins, but this device can charge as many as four devices at the same time! Its lightweight and portable design can be stowed in your luggage compartments. Great for charging your phone, your friend’s phone, your iPod, and your dog’s phone (Woof!).

5. Bendy Man Flashlight & Table Stand ($10) This little guy can bend at your will- he will hold your tablet, smart phone, e-readers and doubles as a flashlight or book light for up to 30 hours. Too bad he can’t hold the door for you.

6. Retractable Charging Cable for Apple devices ($24) Never forget your charger again! Stash this in your luggage when you’re on the go to keep your devices in sync and powered. The cable extends to 2 ½ feet for your charging needs.

How to Avoid Hidden Costs while Traveling

You just got through booking everything for your planned vacation, finalizing your travel budget for possible expenses and the last thing you want to worry about is getting smacked with expensive hidden costs.

Before you go bat crazy, allow me to keep you afloat on the possible hidden costs you may be subjected to while away. Below I have broken down the different types of costs that may come up; take the necessary precautions to mind but don’t let it ruin [Read More…]

When to Buy Your Airline Tickets: Learn the Tricks to Save You Money!

I’m pretty sure you are aware that there are certain days and times for you to make airline booking reservations to get the best deals. But did you know that rates change up to three times a day?! That means even if you book at what you perceive to be an “incredible deal” is most likely a better deal around the corner had you wait. So, how do you take advantage and snag a cheap flight? Read on and refer to infographic below courtesy of the Luggage Factory.

I also recommend checking out Skyscanner in tandem with these tips. I love Skyscanner because the site provides real-time multiple airlines rates from anywhere in the world allowing you to book cheaper flights easily. Skyscanner is available as an app for both iOs and Android devices. The app is user-friendly and makes booking a breeze!

What was the cheapest flight deal you snagged? Post in the comment section! I wanna know 🙂

Amazing Deal! $81/Night at the Villas Geminis Boutique Condo Hotel in Tulum, Mexico

Today’s deal comes all the way from Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is the site of the majestic Maya Ruins that are situated along the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea. Tulum happens to be one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans and had survived for about 70 years after the Spanish colony occupied Mexico.

Considered to be a tropical savanna, Tulum’s climate has a rather dry season with an average annual high temperature of 88.2/31.1 (°F/°C ). Tulum’s tourism is based on its beautiful intact archaeological and architecture sites available for sightseeing tours and its picturesque view of the Caribbean coast.

I am a lover of boutique hotels for its unique personalities and warm ambience that rivals most hotels. The Villas Geminis Boutique Condo Hotel is a penthouse studio in Tulum and happens to be the first all-condo property for tourists. This hotel possesses a secret garden and artsy vibe that will appeal most creatives. In addition, it has a privacy setting for those who just need to get away from world and bask in a peaceful setting.

• Typically priced at $175, today’s deal is $81/night (on sale now- up to 53%)
4.5/5 star rating on TripAdvisor
• Steps away from Tulum’s scenes including shops, restaurants, and the nightlife
• Extra luxe King-sized bedding touches and bathroom amenities, all organic products
• Private patio and an outdoor soaking tub (Hey now 😉 )
• Fully-equipped in-room kitchen, living, and dining area
• In-room massages at your request
• Complimentary continental breakfast served in the garden from 8-10 AM
• Free WiFi
• Parking on site
• Swimming pool
• On-campus restaurant discounts
• Check-in is available 24 hours a day! (So you can fly in when you want)

Interested? Register with my link here to get 5% off your booking!

Then click here to reserve your stay 🙂 Enjoy

Travel Agent Extraordinaire: Qualities to Look For Before Using One

passport02Looking to spot the perfect travel agent to help you with your next excursion? Before you go with a friend’s referral, read on to scope out the necessary qualities before you commit to an agency:

If you are going to a country that is unknown to you and would feel better if someone guides you on planning the trip, I recommend hiring a travel agent for booking purposes. Sometimes, planning an itinerary can be cumbersome with all the reservation details that are involved it might as well be a part-time job!

But before you visit any travel agency, make sure you consider the following before [Read More…]

Getting the best out of London in 6 days! Part Four

Welcome back to my “itinerstory” on visiting London in six days. Day Five led me to visit two historical places on a rather gloomy day but it was so worth the damp trip. Enjoy!

Day Five

It is about a quarter until 7 in the morning now. I looked up from the room’s window and fixed my gaze to the glass ceilings. It is rainy outside. But the rain wasn’t going to hold us up from exploration. We weren’t hungry but we helped outselves to the stash we build up in the mini-fridge. In a previous [Read More…]

50 Ways to Make & Add Money toward Your Travel Fund

makeextramoney1How many times have you thought “Man, I wish I could travel…if I had the MONNNEY!”

We all been there so how about doing something about it! I have a separate money jar for my traveling funds. I found my jar on clearance for less than $5 USD at TJ Maxx in the kitchen section. Budget Baller. To be more specific and serious 🙂 , my jar houses my spending change so I can use it on hand while wandering abroad.

So how can you start and build on making extra money to fill up your own travel fund jar? Easy! Look for creative ways to make money without having to do much. Maximize your earning potential by combining multiple streams of income and you too will qualify as a Budget Baller [Read More…]