Six Items Under $25 for Every Survivalist Travelers’ Stash

Practical survival gear for the Everyday TravelSince I can remember, I was taught to always prepare for the worst. Which ultimately led me to think of emergency situations and how would I react in it with little to no supplies. Paranoia, you say? Probably. Or it could be that
I watch one too many episodes on McGuyver with the bros growing up in the eighties.

But, having the mindset of a survivalist on some level ensures that you are prepared for catastrophe no matter what. You can rig things from the ordinary items you would have not used in the first place! Most campers and those with a military background are well versed on such training especially being out in the woods and having to rely on simple items often found in nature to survive.

I compiled a list of six of those items for the common [Read More…]

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