Overnight Layover: How to Survive It & Look Cool Doing It

Now, I know you are probably asking yourself “Why would anyone want to sleep at the airport during an overnight layover?” But before you turn yourself away from this post, I suggest that you read the tips and tricks before you buy that $100+ hotel room for a night.

Sleep in the airport!
Hey there! Sleep here often?
Many people would opt to fly in cheap and who wouldn’t mind saving money on that, right? But, with cheap flights mean you might have to contend with long layovers, especially overnight hours.

This predisposes the average traveler to spend money on a hotel room for the comfort which at times can be understandable. But since this is a budget-friendly blog, I share another suggestion that involves the shameless act of sleeping at the ‘port and the essentials you need to get through [Read More…]

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