How to Beat the Dreaded Jet Lag

Those extended journey on-board can be a bummer! Especially after getting to your destination only to discover your body has succumbed to Jet Lag. What is jet lag? Jet Lag refers to a condition where your natural circadian rhythms is off-kilter by changes in the time zones due to rapid, long distance travel. The symptoms are characterized by sleep disturbances, fatigue, headaches and irritability.

This infographic by UK’s provides awesome vivid information on how to beat jet lag before, during and after it starts. The method of using natural light is definitely on point at reducing the jet lag symptoms. When light exposure is timed correctly, the traveler can delay the natural circadian rhythm thus reducing the symptoms. There are special glasses on the market to assist with the timed method.

Whatever you choose to do, jet lag is inevitable but taking the preparation can be extremely helpful. Hope this helps!

jet lag

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