Greetings From Reunion Island! A Fellow Traveler’s Journey Photo Post

A fellow Instagram follower offer to contribute some amazing photos of his recent trip to Reunion Island. For those who are not familiar with the country, it is located east of Madagascar off the southern eastern seaboard coast of Africa. Predominately, french-speaking, Reunion is one of France’s overseas department. It is a mainly a tropical island and home of a variety of birds and the Bourbon roses.

I’m a South African who loves to travel. I travel for both business and leisure. Professionally, I’m an IT manager at Statistics South Africa and studied Economics at the local university. I love travelling for the “Awe Therapy” that comes from experiencing a new place/culture/people and the best part about any trip is always the memories that one takes with. I also love how going far, far from home makes [Read More…]

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