Travel while Saving the Planet! Info for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

Maybe you heard of the phrases “eco-friendly” or “eco-tourism” and in case you are not familiar with such terms, allow me to introduce you to this awesome infographic courtesy of Zerve. Traveling eco style can be considered an alternative way to travel while being mindful of the planet’s health and future.

Many hotels have adopted simple ways some I’m sure you have noticed. One example is limiting the use of excess washing of bath towels. You can take steps to ensure that your travels make a positive impact on the environment. Enjoy!


More Life Hacks For the Modern Traveler

Who doesn’t love to learn more tricks on how to maximize space in your carry-on? What about using technology and new apps to keep you in tip-top shape to ensure your travel documentation is accounted for?

This handy infographic is brought to you by Direct Holiday Cottages and colorfully outlines life hacks to inspire the savviest modern traveler.

My favorite tip is placing a dryer sheet as you pack your clean clothes to keep it smelling fresh. I have done this before and it seems to have reduce wrinkles and static on some my pressed shirts! Which one is yours? Post in the comments!

More Life Hacks for the Modern Traveler

10 Adventure Hacks! More Smart Ways to Save Money as You Travel

10 Adventures Hacks to save you money

I enjoy looking for ways to save a buck or two and the habit is no different when it comes to traveling. So, if you are looking for more smart ways to save some money as you vacation? Keep reading because I compiled some more adventure hacks that you can use before and during your trip! [Read More…]

Haunted America! Top 7 Scary Destinations in the U.S.A

October is upon us and what better way to start the month with a scary and gloomy introduction! This infographic is brought to you by HomeAway. It does a great job choosing the top seven cities believe to be plagued with paranormal activities due to its ominous past. Would you stay in a haunted hotel and sleep there for a night or would you do a full on haunting tour? If so, leave a comment on which activity you would do and why. Let me know how brave (or not!) you are πŸ™‚

Scary US Destinations

The Behavior of Today’s Tech-Based Travel Aficionado

Today we look at statistics and the behaviors of the techie traveler! What exactly is a tech traveler, you ask? A techie traveler is the modern globe-trotter who relies on technology via electronics to assist and document their awesome adventures. This infographic created by Lab 42 provides the hardcore statistics and analysis of the typical techie traveler from the start of the trip to post-vacation mode. Do you consider yourself one?

Techie Traveler

Mindfulness: How to Travel Full of Style & Zen

Travel with Style and Zen

Mindfulness is about peacefully observing yourself without the interruption of criticism. When you are aware of yourself, you can readily observe any negative thoughts. This allows you to deal with the effects giving you full control of your well-being.

Historically, mindfulness originated from the ancient meditation practices in Buddhism. In the 1970s, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, founded the Stress Reduction Clinic using a modern take on mindfulness.

Presently, mindfulness and its research have made great strides in modern medicine and have been recognized as a complement to primary [Read More…]

The Best Places in the World for Chocolate Lovers to Visit

Everyone that knows me well knows how much I love chocolate πŸ™‚ This lovely infographic is brought to you by Love Home Swap and provides the top places on Earth where chocolate lovers can unite and indulge in the sweet decadence. White chocolate doesn’t count πŸ˜‰

How To Travel For Free! See the World with Little to No Money

You know you don’t need a massive bank account to see the world, right? In fact, with a little imagination, creative planning, personality, and goodwill, traveling the world is very much possible with just a few dollars in your pockets.

Sounds too good to be true? Read the suggestions below on how to snag free lodging accommodations, flights, and transportation [Read More…]

When to Buy Your Airline Tickets: Learn the Tricks to Save You Money!

I’m pretty sure you are aware that there are certain days and times for you to make airline booking reservations to get the best deals. But did you know that rates change up to three times a day?! That means even if you book at what you perceive to be an “incredible deal” is most likely a better deal around the corner had you wait. So, how do you take advantage and snag a cheap flight? Read on and refer to infographic below courtesy of the Luggage Factory.

I also recommend checking out Skyscanner in tandem with these tips. I love Skyscanner because the site provides real-time multiple airlines rates from anywhere in the world allowing you to book cheaper flights easily. Skyscanner is available as an app for both iOs and Android devices. The app is user-friendly and makes booking a breeze!

What was the cheapest flight deal you snagged? Post in the comment section! I wanna know πŸ™‚

Must Have Apps! For the Photographer, Foodist, Health Nut and Techie Traveler!

Hey everyone, so I got a bit of something for every type of traveler- more Travel Apps! Some are free while others come with a price tag but all are equally helpful in your travel adventures. I made a post a while back on the top five travel apps every savvy traveler needs which outlines the most helpful apps available on both devices. You should probably check that out too!

In this infographic as presented by UK’s, it offers creative mobile app choices and is targeted to your interests. For example, I am more of a foodist and a money saver so the Food and Dining section app suggestion on the Tipulator is the Sugar Honey Ice Tea!

Feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions on what has worked for you. I want to know!