Be The Best Guest: Ettiquette & Affordable Hostess Gift Ideas

bestguestVisiting a friend in a different city or country and was given the welcome mat to their lovely home? Are you aware of the customary manners as an honorary guest to their home? Let’s go over some respectable tips to make sure your welcome mat stays for a while:

Ask Questions Beforehand.

Before you accept the invite to a host’s home, ask questions that may be crucial to you.

Here are some examples:

  • Where are the nearest restaurants that they recommend?
  • Is it in a gated community and will I need a special access code?
  • Where are the popular areas to hang out?
  • How’s the weather like around this time? Should I bring a swimsuit?
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JetSet Style: New York City, New York USA

New York City

In this week’s JetSet Style, I could have not thought of another city in the world where jet-set meets haute fashion than the Big Apple, New York. In this profile, I kept it minimal, sexy and functional in shades of black and white. A great look to transition from the harsh cold winter into the breezy cool Spring being in the concrete jungle 😉

JetSet Style: Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA

In this week’s JetSet Style, this menswear outfit is inspired by the dramatic and gentlemen vibe of Chicago. This outfit is not the typical 3 piece formal suit but a hip version of the grown man swag. Its complete with a traditional vest mixed with a modern button up, rolled sleeves shirt in the shades of black, navy, and white. Keeping it classy for the dashing fellow in mind 😉

I NEED IT!: The DIY Spa Traveler’s Essentials

I NEED IT!: Traveling Spa Essentials

In this week’s I NEED IT, I curated essentials to recreate the spa experience directly in your hotel room space. If you have ever been to a major hotel or resort, most accommodations offer spa services such as massages, facials, and mani/pedicures. However, such services can be costly leaving you to spend USD $100+ easily, not to mention the added tipping and possible resort charges.

This compilation features everything from the glowing candle (use extra caution with flames) to a nourishing facial mask to a body massage oil. Its designed to keep you super relax while maintaining your travel budget. What are your go-to essentials to keep your self-care in check? Leave a comment!

JetSet Style: Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

In this week’s JetSet Style, we are going to the cold northern beauty of Iceland. This outfit is for the stylish ice queen who enjoys the tailored, glamour look mixed with the modern flair. I particularly like the jacket for its dress silhouette and its bright cobalt blue. Accented with touches of red, this outfit is catered to keep you warm and effortlessly stylish. Cool fact about Iceland!: Icelanders watch more movies at the theaters than any other nation, with average 5:1 cinema admissions per person per year. Sounds like my kind of crowd 🙂

I NEED IT!: Messenger Bags for Your Travel Gadgets For Under USD $100!

I NEED IT!: Messenger Bags

In this week’s I NEED IT! I compiled a collection of his and her messenger bags. All of these stylish bags are functional and affordable at less than USD $100. These bags can stow your laptop, tablet, charger, and/or other similar electronics including accessories. This bag can also double as a carry-on bag or a regular daytime bag for any adventure.

JetSet Style: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Toronto Ontario

In this week’s JetSet, I decided to pull together something for the guys: Just in time for the colder months ahead of us, this style mixes up class with a little urban style. Inspired by city wear and the lovely city of Toronto, this style can easily transitioned from day to-night exploration. Did you know that Toronto has over 8,000 restaurants?! No excuse not to eat and indulge, a haven for all foodies to delight in 🙂

I NEED IT!: Duffel Bags- Great for the Weekend Getaway! For Under USD $50!

I NEED IT!: Duffel Bags

In this week’s I NEED IT, a sturdy bag to use on the weekends for those “I need a quick break from reality” trips: the duffel bag. All these bags featured here are for under 50 bucks (USD) and are great because of the durable roomy space. Did you know that the name originated in Belgium where the bags were made with thick fabric? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments on which brand is your top favorite 🙂

JetSet Style: Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

In this week’s JetSet Style, we are going to the Motherland and more specifically all the way south to Johannesburg, South Africa. This sophisticated outfit pays homage to its roots with a dashiki skirt in bright sunset colors. Did you know that the archaeological site known as the Cradle of Humankind on the outskirts of Johannesburg contains 40% of the planet’s human ancestor fossils? Phenomenal city indeed 😉

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets! Travel with these Fun and Cheap Handy tools

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets

In this week’s I NEED IT! I selected six uncommon traveling gadgets that are portable and are handy for any given moment amidst your travels. All for under USD $50, these gadgets can double as stocking stuffers for your favorite adventurer because why not? Christmas IS around the corner 😉 :

1. Mini Plier Tool ($12) Nifty tool that can be used in many ways. Besides the obvious pliers capability, it quadruples as a screwdriver, a steel file, wire cutter, and a knife. Pack this in checked luggage though, can’t afford to have this dump by security in carry-on clearance. Great for the fixers in the fam!

2. Mini Sewing Kit ($7) Ever lose a button on a shirt? Well, with this kit you won’t have to worry about that because it comes complete with thread of all colors, needles, and scissors to get you stitch up! This little handy case is great to have to stow in your checked luggage for quick wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Screwdriver Pen ($25) Another handy tool for the fixers! This one doubles as a pen to jot down traveling notes. This unique pen tool comes with both green and black ink cartilages.

4. Multi-USB High speed charger ($40) Yes, this may work for U.S. standard wall plug-ins, but this device can charge as many as four devices at the same time! Its lightweight and portable design can be stowed in your luggage compartments. Great for charging your phone, your friend’s phone, your iPod, and your dog’s phone (Woof!).

5. Bendy Man Flashlight & Table Stand ($10) This little guy can bend at your will- he will hold your tablet, smart phone, e-readers and doubles as a flashlight or book light for up to 30 hours. Too bad he can’t hold the door for you.

6. Retractable Charging Cable for Apple devices ($24) Never forget your charger again! Stash this in your luggage when you’re on the go to keep your devices in sync and powered. The cable extends to 2 ½ feet for your charging needs.