Review: Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

My review on one of the most exceptional resort experiences I had while in Egypt. 

The Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa was one of the accommodations I had the pleasure of staying in during my trip in Egypt. This resort is situated along the Nile River and is adjacent to the well renowned site, the Valley of the Kings. Historically, Luxor was once named Thebes and it is famous for its ancient temples and monuments that are still structurally present today.

I arrived here early in the morning and traffic going into the resort was a smooth taxi ride from the town’s train station. Driving down the stretch of the road beyond the resort’s gates, was like being in a secluded white-washed palace. The driver opens my door as a bellhop welcomes me and offers to take my luggage.

I walked into the front lobby and was astounded by the interior’s design- white stone marble, golden motifs, the warm glow from the light fixtures, and the huge medallion on the marble floors. A gentleman greets and hands me a lovely glass of passion fruit and hibiscus juice and a damp towel to keep me cool from being outside in the Egyptian heat.

The bell hop escorts me to the front desk and I was met by the concierge who welcomes me to have a seat as she pulls up my reservations. She explains the amenities and services provided such as the spa and the complimentary breakfast area. She then instructs the bellhop to escort me to my room.

My room was indeed spacious and plush. It overlooks the garden and the Nile River and I felt like royalty. The stylish king size bed was decorated with plush bedding and full, soft pillows. The bathroom’s shower space was gorgeous and unique-stonewalls with the floor slightly slope to hide the drainage. Each room is equipped with high speed Wi-fi internet access and a full entertainment service for basic and premium television and cable.

Since I arrived early, complimentary breakfast was still available so I hurried down to the outdoor rear of the resort. The food preparation was superb. Everything was delicious serving Egyptian, European and American fare. Once I finished indulging myself, I decided to explore the hotel’s grounds.

The outdoor space in Hilton's Luxor gives you an elevated view of the Nile.
The outdoor space in Hilton’s Luxor gives you an elevated view of the Nile.

The resort design was of a luxurious, Egyptian styled, clean lines, and open and spacious. I love it and the staff was so professional and courteous. If I needed to ask a question, the staff was so gracious to answer and provide me with helpful suggestions.

For example, the resort provides tour reservations should you wish to reserve them there. I would suggest that you do because there are individuals known as “touters” who prey on tourists. “Touters” rely on making income by marketing cheaper tours that may take advantage of your time and money.

Though the pitch might sound appealing, its not all that it seems. As I suggested before, another option is to use Viator’s tours. Sites that are worth visiting in Luxor hands down are the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut’s temple, and the Karnak’s Temple at night.

If you wish to hang back and chill at the resort, that is just as great too because they are plenty of things to do. Such activities include: getting a workout in, getting a massage and/or facial at the spa, swimming in the pool, sunbathing, or taking a walk along the Nile River.

I recommend this resort for its quality, style, safety and comfort. This accommodation did their very best to deliver exceptional service with class and good old-fashioned common courtesy.

Check-in time at the resort is at 2 in the afternoon. The deluxe king room is priced at USD $135/night at the time of this post. For more information, visit the Hilton’s Luxor Resort and Spa here