FitBit Travels: Trek your Way to Rewards

When I was in London, I walked a lot – about close to 10K steps a day! Back then I wish I had my Fitbit knowing what I know now. I have research great websites and programs to join as a FitBit owner to earn rewards like cash. Sounds interesting? Read on:

I got my Fitbit Flex as a Christmas present back in 2014. I wanted it because I was on the fitness high and felt it would be really neat to use a device that can track my steps including my sleep activity and food intake. After getting some use from the device, I’ll admit I would forget to put it on or recharge it. I probably needed a little motivation to utilize it in a way where I can earn points or rewards.

One day after researching the internet, I rediscover the extraordinary perks of having a Fitbit. It made me realize that this device would be very helpful for the avid traveler who gets around a lot on foot and wouldn’t mind being rewarded with a perk here or there.  Perks? Yes, I said it. These include points, rewards, and a $10 check. The cool thing is that you can combine them altogether to get more points to obtain those rewards quicker.


I listed it first because this one rewards you with cash. AchieveMint is like a motivation app. So far it is only available on iOs device although it will be on the Android eventually. However, if you have a Droid you can still use the app and collect points. It syncs with your Fitbit and it tracks your steps including the usage of other fitness and lifestyle apps that you may possess already.

You rack up as many points as you can until you obtain 50,000 points. For every 125 steps, you earn one point. Great for those trips like sightseeing the city or trekking through nomadic territories. The only bummer about this app- there is a waiting list to get access. For me, it took approximately three months but it is worth it as I do walk a lot and it is useful.


This app is pretty cool in that it rewards you for meeting your weekly goals or penalizes you if you don’t. Even though this app is geared towards fitness enthusiasts, non-fitness-junkie nomads can find Pact functional. It does motivate you more to keep your word but as a traveler who is always on the move-this pact shouldn’t be hard to break. You earn or lose small amounts of cash depending on your goals and their outcomes. You link your Fitbit to the app so that your steps count towards the activity. The app is available on both iOs and Android devices.

Walgreens Balance Rewards

If you have signed up for Walgreens Balance Rewards, you can link your FitBit device via your online account and walk your way to earning more points. Points earned from walking or running can range from 20 to as much as 80 points. For every 5000 points, you earn a $5 reward to use on your purchase. Use the five bucks to purchase last minute travel-friendly toiletries, airplane reads like entertaining tabloids and magazines, and a multitude of trip snacks like chocolate covered pretzels and/or popcorn. Don’t forget to use their digital coupons for more savings- those things are awesome!


AARP members can connect their Fitbit to their online account and earn reward redemption points for their activity. Your earned points can be use for savings on merchandise, gift cards, restaurants and other items. AARP in general offers a wide range of incentives for active seniors-for example, shopping at certain stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. These stores honor members on a certain weekday (here its Mondays) by discounting the total order at a nice percentage. You can earn rewards points, get a gift card, use it on the discounted day- get more fun stuff! Yay, strategic winner!

As a side note, these stores carry a great deal of travel items at reasonable prices and its not just limited to AARP members. Anybody can find a complete luggage set, neck pillow, and a converter plug adaptor for an exceptional deal.

FitBit is an awesome device and if use often, can serve as a functional and rewarding experience to anyone including the traveling community. There are several models on the market and the one that I have is called a Flex and it looks like this. It can be easily charged via a USB port and doesn’t come with too many cables and complicated accessories.

Travel the world and earn more rewards- can’t beat that!

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