Why Culture Shock is Good For You

From my personal experience, one of the rewarding things about visiting a different country is observing the cultural differences against what I’m used to. It gives me a sense of appreciation and I experienced the most enlightening account from when I spent time in Egypt.

I was on my way back to Cairo from Aswan via the overnight train when the train came to a sudden halt at seven in the morning. I looked out the window to witness children playing in the dirt when one of them spotted a tattered doll they found. The expressions of joy on their face captured my heart.

To see their genuine happiness in something so mundane made me happy for them as I watched them as they play. This taught me a lesson on the appreciation of little things, especially the things we take for granted.

To experience cultural shock goes beyond the way a person acts or their overall way of being but what it ultimately teaches you in the end. This Work the World’s infographic does a superb job explaining what culture shock is and how to adapt to it upon the exposure. The idea is to embrace it when it seems “weird” or “different” to you. Cultural shock enhances your intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth and who wouldn’t want that?!

Culture Shock