8 Awesome Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Japan

8 Awesome Ways to Save Money While Traveling to Japan

Sometimes traveling overseas can easily savage your travel funds but with a little planning and education, you can have a great time with extra cash to spare. So if you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, don’t forget to study these 8 tips on saving you some money while you’re there:

1! Kissa & Tell
Manga Kissa are establishments where visitors can relax in their own private booths and enjoy Japanese comics for hours on end. For about less than [US] 10 bucks or 1,000 Japanese Yen, you can buy an overnight pack from internet/manga cafes. The quarters are a bit small but you get your own cubicle and don’t let the term “café” deterred you, these are legit resting places.

Many of these cafés offer showers, internet access, drink bar, and all the comics you can read. Most of the cafes are located conveniently near major train stations so you can continue your city treks. Keep in mind, you will have to understand a bit of Japanese to identify these cafes as many of them are not labeled in English.

2! Attention Cyclists!
With bike rentals so accessible, getting around on one would be a beneficial and fun idea to stay fit and see the corners of the city. The most common bicycle in Japan is called a “mamachari” or “mom’s bicycle” which allows for an easier ride and comes complete with a basket to stow essentials from perhaps your souvenir shopping adventure.

3! Kinken It
Kinken shops offer customers discounted prices for bus and rail tickets and are conveniently in major business areas and near stations in the city. “Daikokuya” is the most common and is well-known among the locals and visitors.

4! Night[Bus]rider
Depending on the travel season, overnight buses are so affordable and allow you to save on accommodations. For less than [US] 20 bucks, you can get from major cities like Osaka to Tokyo.

5! Go Conbini for Food
Every once in a while, a nice meal and dining experience at a restaurant is cool but to save, head over to a conbini, or a grocery shop. You can buy cup noodles, bento, and other foods for an affordable price. You can also find the convenience of dining on-the-go in the larger stores so you can sit, eat and get going to other adventures.

6! Oodles of Noodles
Udon is a simple noodle dish served at udon restaurants for substantially cheap. You can order them along side dishes if you wish. One of the common dishes is called “kake udon” and can keep you satisfied for less than [US] 3 bucks.

7! To the Markets
Check out the flea markets on Saturdays and Sundays for all your shopping needs! You can find reasonably priced items for the random souvenir or a gift for yourself.

8! 100 Yen Shops
100 Yen Shops is the equivalent to the 99 cents store here in the U.S. and should not be excluded on the list! You can find an assortment of items like snacks, stationary, clothes, flip-flops, and so much more. It is also a great place to check out should you need that last-minute gift for a friend.