5 Free Travel Apps: Awesome Money-saving Deals, A Useful Trip Organizer, & more

5 Practical & Free Travel Apps

Here are five practical and free apps for the saavy traveler! Plus, all of these apps are compatible on Android and iOs devices- don’t worry I checked!

tripitThis travel app allows you to store all your itineraries in one place. It keeps every aspect of your reservations organize. Your primary itinerary can be accessible at anyplace, anytime. It imports all your data travel info directly from your e-mail. It can also schedule all your travel plans on the calendar. The cool thing about this app is that you can store important travel documents and contacts. Its easy to use and fully functional-great for the trip planners who heavily rely on prepared itineraries, like me 🙂

airbnbGreat app for travelers on a budget and who can do without the fancy hotel accommodations. This app gives you access to people around the world who will provide you with space to stay- whether if its a room or an actual fully-furnished loft. Don’t be discouraged by the thought of staying in weird places. Quite the contrary, most of these b&bs actually rival the hotels. Before Airbnb, I have stayed in a fully-furnished apartment in a brownstone in Park Slope-Brooklyn, New York. It was very clean, quiet (believe it or not) spacious, and each apartment has its own personality. This b&b gave me full private access to the garden in the backyard- can’t think of a hotel or resort I have stood in that gave me that!

Quick Tip! This is also a money-making opportunity for those who have empty rooms to spare. You can become a host and have guests stay providing you another steady income to perhaps help you with am existing rent or a mortgage.

skyscannerThis app allows you to compare and find the best cheapest flight on any given day. With its accessibility to millions of flights, it allows you to book it instantly. Great for those on the go, ready to fly out or for the flyer who prefers to book early. A neat feature is the app’s ability to notified you of price alerts for destinations of your interest.

triplingoProbably the coolest tool for language translation- including slang! It instantly translates phrases from your voice into what ever language. As per the app’s general info, the app can translate over 2,000 phrases in 13 languages. It also provides you a quick crash course on any culture of your interest. The free version gives you the basic access but it works just as well if you were to get the premium subscription.

Currency Converter
currencyconverterAnother useful app that allows you to input your domestic currency and converts it to an international currency. I used this app during my trip to Egypt when I was haggling to buy souvenirs to bring back home. I inputted the US dollar versus the Egyptian pound and it gave me the current exchange rate I can negotiate on reasonably-priced items. The app also provides a percentage feature that calculates rates charged by banks and credit card companies for overseas transactions. Simple, accurate and user-friendly.

What’s your favorite travel app? Keep me posted on some cool features on any apps that are FUNctional and free!