5 Essentials for the Beach Babe

In this post, I have curated five essential beach items every babe should have! 

Who doesn’t love going to the beach these days? The smell of the sandy shores and salted water. All emphasized by the sparkles generated by the sun streaming against the ocean waves. The best part about it is that it doesn’t take much to get dress when all you need are the essentials:

        1. Xhilaration color block 2-piece bikini: I chose the color block scheme for its neon bright colors that look especially great against freshly tanned skin. Super comfortable to wear, the straps hold up well and doesn’t dig into the skin.
        2. Elizabeth & James Lafayette Sunglasses: I personally love cat-eye frames as they are universally face-flattering. These shades are highly durable and provide the UVA/UVB protection for your eyes. Very functional, yet oh so glamorous.
        3. Hang-Ten Mineral Sport Tan in spf 30: I love, love this sunscreen protection lotion. This is water-resistant and the scent is subtle. I prefer lotions that are natural and paraben-free. This one contains organic ingredients which is a plus for me. When I apply it its not greasy and absorbs rather quickly.
        4. OPI nailcolor: This shade is called Pinking of You. I love OPI for its durability (especially against the saltwater) and their awesome shade selections, but I am very partial to the pinks. This color can be very subtle if applied once, or can turn into a cotton candy pink as you layer more. Like coral, this color looks great against a fresh tan.
        5. Reading material: I chose this latest issue of Cosmopolitan, of course. I usually need something lighthearted to read while relaxing. In addition, to keep me posted on the latest trends in fashion and entertainment.

That’s it! Everything you need to look hot while relaxing under the sunshine by the seashore 🙂 You can view and shop for any of the same or similar items at my Amazon store here. I included an awesome tote to match your swimsuit to keep your style on point.

Note: I am not offered any monetary gain or compensations for suggesting any of the items by any of the companies listed above. These items listed above and descriptions are solely my opinions, recommendations, and facts as per the product.