10 Adventure Hacks! More Smart Ways to Save Money as You Travel

10 Adventures Hacks to save you money

I enjoy looking for ways to save a buck or two and the habit is no different when it comes to traveling. So if you are looking for more smart ways to save some money as you vacation, keep reading! I compiled some more adventure hacks that you can use before and during your trip!

Adventure Hack #1: Bring a water bottle

You probably have a massive collection or at the very least, a couple of water sport bottles sitting in a cabinet at home now. Make sure to stash an empty one in your carry-on. You can’t have it filled once you’re going through security but you can fill it at a water fountain afterwards. Doing this will save you from having to spend too much money on a bottle of water at the airport’s shopping stands.

Adventure Hack #2: Wear your luggage

I mention before in one post on how to save luggage space by wearing layers of clothes but if you’re not keen on wearing too many shirts at one time, there is an alternative: Look into investing the Stuffa. Thanks to its multiple pocket compartments, this innovative product allow you to wear and load as many of your personal items you can think of: clothing, ID, money, toiletries, and your tablet! It does come with a $100+ price tag but beats having to carry extra bags or forfeit luggage space.

Adventure Hack #3: Extra outfit

It would probably be wise to pack a complete, yet simple outfit (including underwear) in your carry-on just in case should your luggage get lost in transit. Among the essentials, items should include an extra phone charger, medications, and toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Adventure Hack #4: No more tangles

If you don’t want to spend the extra cash for a jewelry tote, I suggest wrapping your jewelry safely to protect it. Take a flat sheet of toilet paper or gift wrapping paper, lay your necklaces on the paper, fold each side of the paper and wrap it around to create a coil. If it sounds too complicated, you can latch your necklaces through drinking straws. Saves you time from untangling a hot mess.

Adventure Hack #5: Cash Money

Stow some cash in a place where it is accessible but it’s the least likely where one would find it. These can include like your socks or the inside pocket of a backpack.

Adventure Hack #6: Snap a picture

Sometimes it is suggested that you bring hard copies of your passport and other similar documents, however things happen. For example, copies can be misplaced, destroyed, or lost forever. This why I recommend using an app called CamScanner to snap pictures of your important documents and it stores it on your device and your own app account should your device stop working. It’s a more efficient way to keep your documents together.

Adventure Hack #7: Biz Lounge

Some airports do not have free Wi-fi accessibility and if that’s the case, don’t fret! Search and camp near a business lounge for free service. You will have to sit close enough to pick up the signal but so worth it should you need to keep the Facebook status updated.

Adventure Hack #8: Pillow talk

How to make your own pillow 101: Pack an empty pillowcase in your carry-on in advance and wear a (preferably puff-styled) jacket the day of your trip. That’s it. Once you’re on the plane, take off your jacket and stuff it in your pillowcase. Bam! Instant pillow that beats the usual neck roll. Double as a laundry bag too.

Adventure Hack #9: Quick Spa

Have a long journey or overnight flight? Stay refreshed by incorporating some quick beauty concoctions. Guys could get into too! In advance, buy a small TSA-approved travel water bottle spray and fill it with 1 part rose-water and 1 part filtered water. Spray this mixture to refresh your skin after a long flight. Being in a pressurized cabin for extended hours can dry out your skin so have this spray handy in your bag.

Another beauty recipe is simple and can be supplied by the flight attendant. I mentioned this recipe in a previous post (under the Quick Beauty Tip) but this example can be applied here mid-air! It’s a facial scrub that can double as a lip scrub.

Ask for a sugar packet, some lemon slices, and an empty plastic cup. Make a beeline to the cabin restroom. In your cup, mix the ingredients together and apply the mixture to your skin and/or lips. Rinse with warm water then close with cold water. Seal in moisture by applying coconut oil if you have that on hand.

Adventure Hack #10: Check the nightstand

If you walked in your hotel room and spot the room books, use them to your benefit. Take the time to scroll through pages and you’ll find coupons and discounts at multiple restaurants and shopping centers. Sometimes, surrounding towns may have a festival or events where locals and guests can enjoy entertainment and cheap eats. You may be able to snag a few freebies just for visiting!

If this post was really helpful, let me know as I am thinking of creating a series of adventure hacks. Post in the comment section on your thoughts!

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