Air Travel Health Hacks: Feel Like Yourself After Flying

About a month ago, I posted about taking some necessary travel health precautions before embarking on your trip. This vivid infographic as produced by does a great job detailing possible health risks that can happen to you while traveling on board a flight. The cool thing is how it breaks down the potential health risk as compared from a short or long-flight duration.

Fortunately, I have never succumb to “bugs” while traveling but that may be due to a combination of Vitamins B & C as well as Echinacea and garlic oil preventative intakes. In addition, to washing my hands and disinfecting my eating space. Thank God for portable disinfecting wipes 😀

My favorite part about this infographic is the “Eat This” sub-section. I do believe being conscious of what you consume plays a pivotal role in how you feel during your sky journey. Choose wisely and your health can be in an optimal status without having to ruining your vacation.


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