I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets! Travel with these Fun and Cheap Handy tools

I NEED IT!: Uncommon Portable Gadgets

In this week’s I NEED IT! I selected six uncommon traveling gadgets that are portable and are handy for any given moment amidst your travels. All for under USD $50, these gadgets can double as stocking stuffers for your favorite adventurer because why not? Christmas IS around the corner 😉 :

1. Mini Plier Tool ($12) Nifty tool that can be used in many ways. Besides the obvious pliers capability, it quadruples as a screwdriver, a steel file, wire cutter, and a knife. Pack this in checked luggage though, can’t afford to have this dump by security in carry-on clearance. Great for the fixers in the fam!

2. Mini Sewing Kit ($7) Ever lose a button on a shirt? Well, with this kit you won’t have to worry about that because it comes complete with thread of all colors, needles, and scissors to get you stitch up! This little handy case is great to have to stow in your checked luggage for quick wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Screwdriver Pen ($25) Another handy tool for the fixers! This one doubles as a pen to jot down traveling notes. This unique pen tool comes with both green and black ink cartilages.

4. Multi-USB High speed charger ($40) Yes, this may work for U.S. standard wall plug-ins, but this device can charge as many as four devices at the same time! Its lightweight and portable design can be stowed in your luggage compartments. Great for charging your phone, your friend’s phone, your iPod, and your dog’s phone (Woof!).

5. Bendy Man Flashlight & Table Stand ($10) This little guy can bend at your will- he will hold your tablet, smart phone, e-readers and doubles as a flashlight or book light for up to 30 hours. Too bad he can’t hold the door for you.

6. Retractable Charging Cable for Apple devices ($24) Never forget your charger again! Stash this in your luggage when you’re on the go to keep your devices in sync and powered. The cable extends to 2 ½ feet for your charging needs.

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