Amazing Deal! $84/night at Riad Emberiza Sahari in the exotic beauty of Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Emberiza Sahari in Morroco

Ah, Morocco… What is not to love about the mysterious beauty nestled in the amber colors of the desert? Located in the northwestern region of Africa, Morocco’s bustling capital is called Marrakech.

Here you will find colorful palaces, gardens, mosques, and markets. Because of its location near the Mediterranean, the country’s temperature is comparable to Southern California. The average annual high temperature is 84.2/29 (°F/°C).

This deal comes from the brilliant hotel Riad Emberiza Sahari in Marrakech. This hotel boasts an elegant architecture of traditional Moroccan design and motifs. Each guest room is embellished and attention to detail is taken very seriously.

The best resting grounds after a long day of excursions through the Atlas Mountains or camel back riding through the Sahara- all planned by the hotel should you wish. Make room for a little shopping at the plentiful markets that are within walking distance!

Let’s see what this lovely desert gem has to offer:

• Normally priced at $136, today’s deal is $84/night (on sale now- up to 38%)
5/5 star rating on TripAdvisor
• Intimate villa-style complete with a garden terrace, lounge and pool
• Plush and luxurious bedding- each room uniquely decorated
• Wi-Fi available in common areas, but not in guest rooms
• Massage, Yoga and Meditation services readily available
• Hotel library- should you need to get away and curl up with a book 🙂
• Hotel’s central location ensures that you are within steps to authentic Moroccan restaurants and the local souks

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JetSet Style: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Toronto Ontario

In this week’s JetSet, I decided to pull together something for the guys: Just in time for the colder months ahead of us, this style mixes up class with a little urban style. Inspired by city wear and the lovely city of Toronto, this style can easily transitioned from day to-night exploration. Did you know that Toronto has over 8,000 restaurants?! No excuse not to eat and indulge, a haven for all foodies to delight in 🙂

The Behavior of Today’s Tech-Based Travel Aficionado

Today we look at statistics and the behaviors of the techie traveler! What exactly is a tech traveler, you ask? A techie traveler is the modern globe-trotter who relies on technology via electronics to assist and document their awesome adventures. This infographic created by Lab 42 provides the hardcore statistics and analysis of the typical techie traveler from the start of the trip to post-vacation mode. Do you consider yourself one?

Techie Traveler

Mindfulness: How to Travel Full of Style & Zen

Travel with Style and Zen

Mindfulness is about peacefully observing yourself without the interruption of criticism. When you are aware of yourself, you can readily observe any negative thoughts. This allows you to deal with the effects giving you full control of your well-being.

Historically, mindfulness originated from the ancient meditation practices in Buddhism. In the 1970s, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, founded the Stress Reduction Clinic using a modern take on mindfulness.

Presently, mindfulness and its research have made great strides in modern medicine and have been recognized as a complement to primary [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Duffel Bags- Great for the Weekend Getaway! For Under USD $50!

I NEED IT!: Duffel Bags

In this week’s I NEED IT, a sturdy bag to use on the weekends for those “I need a quick break from reality” trips: the duffel bag. All these bags featured here are for under 50 bucks (USD) and are great because of the durable roomy space. Did you know that the name originated in Belgium where the bags were made with thick fabric? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments on which brand is your top favorite 🙂

Determined Diva Travels presents My Paris Travel Itinerary for Under $500

Hello everyone! Today I present a great article by fellow blogger, Determined Diva Travels. Be sure to visit her blog, link available below the post!

PARIS- The city of love and lights, the fashion capital and a destination on just about every wanderers bucket list. Paris is known for its luxury, its famous attractions and world-renowned cuisine.

Which makes it safe to assume it’s not fit for a budget traveler right? Well I love a good challenge! So here is an itinerary on how I managed to plan my Paris trip for under $500 including flights.

Let’s begin with the generally largest expense for travel [Read More…]

Amazing Deal! $141/night Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile – Posh & Luxurious Stay in Quebec, Canada

Located in Canada, Montreal is a French-speaking city centered in a province called Quebec. It is a bustling city much like the major metropolitans in the U.S. like New York City and Chicago. In fact, Montreal’s subway system is the third busiest in North America.

Today’s deal comes from the posh Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile. This sleek and minimal hotel is in the middle of Montreal’s art scene. This lovely hotel strikes the aesthetic balances of bringing the old with the new. It combines the traditional Victorian accents with modern minimalistic lines making it a fixture in the artistic neighborhood. Great for the city luxe, artsy traveling crowd 😉 The average annual high temperature is 53/12 °F (°C).

The hotel is home to a French culinary hotspot called Renoir which was awarded the Open Table Diners’ Choice Award in 2015. Some reviewers mentioned that it is a bit overpriced but it worth a visit at least once. The metropolis is home to historic sites like the Mount Royal Park and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Perfect to learn the city’s history and appreciate the arts Montreal is famous for.

• Normally priced at $176, today’s deal is $141/night (on sale now- up to 19%)
4/5 star rating on TripAdvisor
• Modern loft-like vibe overlooking the city center
• Plush feather-top and crisp duvet bedding and Lavin bath amenities
• Free Wi-Fi and a bright workspace should you need to get work done
• Gym and Spa services available
• Pet- and Eco-friendly
• Parking is available on site, but can be pricey – search for alternatives

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JetSet Style: Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

In this week’s JetSet Style, we are going to the Motherland and more specifically all the way south to Johannesburg, South Africa. This sophisticated outfit pays homage to its roots with a dashiki skirt in bright sunset colors. Did you know that the archaeological site known as the Cradle of Humankind on the outskirts of Johannesburg contains 40% of the planet’s human ancestor fossils? Phenomenal city indeed 😉

The Best Places in the World for Chocolate Lovers to Visit

Everyone that knows me well knows how much I love chocolate 🙂 This lovely infographic is brought to you by Love Home Swap and provides the top places on Earth where chocolate lovers can unite and indulge in the sweet decadence. White chocolate doesn’t count 😉