New York City: The Do’s & Don’ts for Beginners

The city of New York is the greatest place on Earth and of course, I am not just saying that because I am from there 😉 It is a city of awesome exploration with so many things to do and sights to see. There is absolutely no reason to stay in a hotel room other than to nap because slumber is non-existent in a City That Never Sleeps.

Last week, I share another infographic that lists New York City as having great deals for the summer and thought this will be a great supplement if you’re making plans. If its your first time visiting the Big Apple, I suggest taking a look at this cool infographic courtesy of Marriott International.

It lists the dos and don’ts every first-timer should be aware of before exploring the city. The great part about this graph are the money-saving tips in the Do section. The Don’t section seems very accurate especially the sidewalk etiquette! Enjoy!


10 Things You Should Know Before Your Skydiving Adventure!

Extreme Skydiver and Hollywood stuntman Luke Aikins of California is making headlines everywhere as he is preparing to freefall tonight without a parachute 25,000 feet from the sky with only a net to catch him!

Extreme Skydiver Luke Aikins
Extreme Skydiver Luke Aikins

I’m sure this news alone is inspiring all adventure seekers alike to take the skies! Of course not all of us are super extreme. Some of us prefer an operable parachute and the attachable experienced instructor. So, if you’re hyped to give a try, read on because I have a compiled a list of ten things a sky newbie should be aware before you soar [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Headphones


This is the second post of its series starting with the most common devices used by most travelers! Headphones- everyone needs them to drown out noises. Whether if its snores from gramps or the crying baby in the airplane aisle next to you! I curated this set by gender and cost. Starting from the left are the steals as it transitions to the splurges. Leave the ear buds at home and look extra awesome with these on! There, you look fabulous already 😉

Overnight Layover: How to Survive It & Look Cool Doing It

Now, I know you are probably asking yourself “Why would anyone want to sleep at the airport during an overnight layover?” But before you turn yourself away from this post, I suggest that you read the tips and tricks before you buy that $100+ hotel room for a night.

Sleep in the airport!
Hey there! Sleep here often?
Many people would opt to fly in cheap and who wouldn’t mind saving money on that, right? But, with cheap flights mean you might have to contend with long layovers, especially overnight hours.

This predisposes the average traveler to spend money on a hotel room for the comfort which at times can be understandable. But since this is a budget-friendly blog, I share another suggestion that involves the shameless act of sleeping at the ‘port and the essentials you need to get through [Read More…]

The Only 8 Travel Toiletries You Need!

Downsize your toiletry tote in your carry-on! These should be the eight products you need in there! Some have multiple uses! As a bonus, I share my favorite travel beauty hack for dudes and dudettes!

Hi, my name is Jasmine.

I used to be a product junkie… Seriously.

I had two separate toiletry bags, cosmetic bag, and a hair product tote for my check-in luggage. I have calm down a lot after committing to a simple lifestyle, but with changes came education about how to best use [Read More…]

I NEED IT!: Camera Bags


Splurges vs. Steals: Travel with your camera in style. Great for protecting your prized possession and its accessories like an extra lens, charger, lens wipes, straps and so much more! I wanted to create and curate selected styles of traveling cases and accessories to inspire you. This is the first post of its series starting with the most common devices used by most travelers!

Getting the best out of London in 6 Days! Part Three

Here is part III to my personal experiences in London. I had six days and I share my account on how I was able to save money here and there through extensive research and planning. I hope this inspires you to make a visit to the historical city and venture outside the hotel room!

Day Four

Next morning had arrived and we were excited to finally venture out in London on our own without any assistance from tours. The plan was to visit the historic Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. To get to Surrey [Read More…]

JetSet Style: Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


With the warm tropical Balinese Sun beaming down on you, its imperative to keep your style casual and relaxed. A flower pinned to your hair bun with glamorous shades doesn’t hurt either 😉

Visiting Hawaii on a Budget- A cheaper lodging option!

Who doesn’t love the presence of Hawaii- palm trees swaying in the Pacific wind, the hula moving you to roll the hips to the sound of the Polynesian drums, and the sweet smell of coconuts and pineapples wafting in the air as the cerulean ocean wave crash and bubbles against the smooth sand…Ah!

Besides the high price of staying at local resorts and hotels and state taxes, Hawaii shouldn’t turn you off from visiting the U.S. state. There is an alternative! Below I break it down [ Read More…]

Wow Travel Destination Deals Infographic – Travel Zoo 2016

Pretty cool infographic from Travel Zoo displaying the top destination deals for 2016. I am not surprised that Cuba made the list as I have talked to a lot travelers who wouldn’t mind making it their next destination considering how tourism is making its mark on the island.

I am a little surprised that New York made the cut- deals are up to 50% off in the big Apple. With the rise of travelers utilizing budget-friendly options to stay like most notably AirBnB, traveling and planning adventures seems to be more appealing than ever.

The world is big, so stop wasting time and get out there!